What is version control

Version control is an organizational system used to record changes to a file or project over time so that you can reference historical versions as needed. Version control software allows users to continuously track changes to the code, while enhancing communication, efficiency and collaboration between team members.

Pulling + Pushing

The most basic workflow in Git is simply pulling remote changes to your local machine, and pushing local changes to a remote server. Just understanding how to do this will get you pretty far. This section starts off with creating a custom repository and cloning. We then dive into getting changes (pulling) and saving changes (pushing). Finally, we go into how to retrieve your version history and revert changes.

An Example Workflow

This is a 2-minute video we put together so you can visualize what a typical Copia workflow might look like.
Working through this section will teach you everything featured in the video and a lot more.


We assume you already worked through the Getting Started tutorial. If not, we highly recommend you do so even if you already have some familiarity with Git to understand better how Copia works with Git.