Supported Vendors
Copia can provide enhanced Version Control for any file types, including documents, PLC or HMI Projects, Robot controller data, network switch configurations and more! Copia can provide a single central repository for storing this data, providing version control and allowing a more collaborative work environment. All these features are described in the Basic and Advanced sections of this documentation.
In addition, Copia is focused on providing even more advanced functions for industrial automation by providing and adding additional features, such as graphically rendered compares, in-line commenting of differences and smart merging for many different vendor types.
More information about these additional features is found in the growing Vendor Integration section of this documentation. Currently supported and short-term roadmap items include products by the following list of vendors:
Don't see your vendor supported? Email us at [email protected] and let us know what vendors and products you use. We prioritize product growth based on customer feedback.
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