Teams can be used to group together different members of your org and manage access rights. When inviting a new user to your org, you will select an initial team to place them on. You start with an Owners team by default which provides full access to all repositories, teams, and organization settings.

Create a Team

Navigate to your Organization.
Choose the Teams tab and select Create New Team.
Provide a name, repository access rights, and description. When finished, select Create Team at the bottom of the form.

Add Members to a Team

You can add members to a team to give them access to the repositories associated with that team.
From your organization, navigate to the team you would like to add a member to:
Click on Add Member to Team and select the user you want to add to the team. You can search for users by typing into the text input at the top of the dropdown.
Select the privileges for this user in the team. This privilege level will apply to the user for all repositories in the team. Hover over the option in the dropdown for a description of what each level allows.

Invite New Members to your Organization

To invite a new ember, first navigate to your Organization.
Choose the Members tab and click on Invite New Member. This button will only be available to members of the Owners team.
Enter the email address, initial team, and team privileges for the new user. If you would like this person to have full administrator access to your entire Organization, be sure to choose the Owners team.
After completing registration, this user will be added to your Organization.

Remove Users From a Team

To remove an account holder from a team, navigate to the teams tab within the organization.
Select "remove from team." The user will still have an active read or write seat within the organization.

Remove Users From an Organization

On occasions where you have a team member leaving and need to remove them from your Copia account you can do so while retaining their contributions to your account history.
From the dashboard, choose the organization you'd like to manage and click on the Members tab. Navigate to the user you wish to remove and select Remove from Org.
When you remove a user from an organization their work will still be viewable by everyone who has viewing privileges on the repository their work is stored on. So if only one team of many in your org has access to a specific repo, everyone on that team will still be able to see the removed user’s work on that repo, but members of other teams won’t. This is the default behavior that remains true regardless of whether a user has been removed or not.

Edit Team Member Permissions

You can edit permissions for each individual team member from any team's main page.
Navigate to the team as described in the sections above. In the list of team members, click the dropdown to select a new permission for the user. The same user can have different permissions for each team that they're assigned to.

Add Repository to a Team

Once you've created a team and added members, you can grant access to a repository by adding it to a team.
Select the team from the org page in the same way you would when adding members to a team.
Choose the Repositories tab.
Choose the repo you want to add. You can select from the dropdown or type the name of the repo within the field. Click Add Repository to grant access to the team.
All members of the team will now have access to the repo with the access rights assigned to them.

Repo Access

Once you've been granted access to a repo, you can find it in two ways.

Mechanism 1

Repositories you have access to will always be available on the Dashboard page. You can find them by selecting the Repository tab.

Mechanism 2

Navigate to your Organization.
Select the Repositories tab to see a list of repositories.