Permissions by Account Type


You are able to individually set access levels when adding new Members to a Team. For information on access levels for Sites in DeviceLink, see this section.

An expanded description of privileges for each account type is outlined below:


Creating Repositories

Renaming Repositories

Deleting Repositories

Archiving Repositories

Editing settings for Repositories

Adding users to an Org

Deleting users from an Org

Changing user permissions

Creating and Deleting Teams

Opening and closing PRs

Commenting on and approving PRs

Setting Branch Protections

Creating Wikis

Editing Wikis

Opening and closing Issues

Commenting on Issues

Committing changes

Viewing code and files

Downloading files

Editing Topics

Owners have the highest level of administrative authority within your Organization. When you create a new Organization, you will automatically be added to the Owners Team.

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