Git-Based Source Control


Q. Who does Copia benefit?

Copia is a value-add for system integrators, machine builders, and end users who are looking for a cleaner and more efficient way to handle version control, share code, and collaborate with PLCs.

Q. What are the advantages of version control?

Version control has many positives - some being more pertinent than others depending on your role. The primary benefits of version control include traceability, disaster recovery, easy access to change history, greater collaboration with branching and merging, reduction of duplication and errors, streamlined management and communication of code changes, and the ability to revert when things don’t go as planned.

Q. Does Copia offer training?

Yes. Reach out to your dedicated CSM to schedule a 1:1.


Q. What Markdown syntax variation (or flavor) does Copia use?

Markdown is a simple syntax for formatting plain text. Copia uses a variation of GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) with additional extensions, such as support for Mermaid Diagrams, allowing you to enhance your text in our Wikis, Pull Requests (PRs), Releases, and more.

Q. How do I view all of my pending code reviews in one place?

To view all pending codes reviews assigned to you, click on Pull Requests in the header of the Web App. This will take you to the Pull Requests page. From here, navigate to the Review Requested section in the sidebar to view all of your pending code reviews.

Q. How do I move a repository on my computer?

To move a repository on your computer, simply cut and paste the entire repository folder to the new location. When you return to the Copia Desktop App, you should see an error message. Click the Locate button and navigate to the new location of your repository. Copia will detect that the folder is a Git repository and will resume normal operation.

When moving repositories, be sure to not nest them within other repositories.


Q. What are the system requirements?

The prerequisite system requirements are outlined in the Overview section.

Q. Do I always need a persistent internet connection?

No. One of the advantages of Copia is the ability to work locally on your PC even without an internet connection. Commits can be pushed to the remote server when an internet connection becomes available.

Q. Can Copia mirror data back to GitHub or GitLab?

Yes. This feature is available for our enterprise cloud offerings.

Q. Which IEC61131 languages does Copia support?

Copia continues to add IEC language support for graphical and text-based display and differences for all supported vendor integrations. For more details, please reference the Supported Vendors section.

Q. Can administrators require approval for all pull requests?

Yes. Administrators can enable this feature in their Organization settings page.

Q. Can I host my repositories in a different provider besides Copia?

Copia does not support hosting repositories in external providers.

Q. Can you use Copia like "normal Git" from the command-line (CLI)?

Copia encourages use of the Copia Desktop App as it provides custom and supported features that are beneficial for the automation industry. While it's possible to use the Git CLI, this workflow should be performed with care as it may provide access to operations that are not supported by Copia.


Q. Can administrators control which users can push to specific branches?

Yes. Administrators can delegate "write" versus "read only" seats, assign users to specific teams or repos, and enable push approval.

Q. Is there a limit on read only seats, number of repos or storage capacity?

No. Read only seats and repos are currently unlimited on all plans.

Q. What is the difference between the user privileges and how does it impact pricing? Administrator, Read/Write, and Read users?

Copia only charges for users with Administrator privileges or Read/Write privileges. Both are able to create, edit, view, and delete files. Administers have the added ability to delete repositories, edit repository settings and add users to the organization.

Read users can view files, but cannot create, edit or delete them. Unlimited read users are included in both the Team and Enterprise plans.

For a breakdown of privileges by account type check out the Permissions section.

Q. Does the Owner user need to be a paid seat?

Yes, the Owner team has Write access and therefore requires a paid seat.


Q. How does Copia handle encrypted files?

Copia cannot render encrypted files. You will receive a notification that the file you are trying to render is encrypted. Our suggestion is to encrypt files once the project is complete.

Q. Where are my files stored?

In general, we do not claim ownership to any customer IP. We can also sign an MSA that covers additional protections for your team.

Q. How does Copia back up data for cloud offerings?

Copia uses Amazon’s EBS snapshots for data backup. For organizations needing additional backup, we can mirror back to GitLab or GitHub for another layer of storage.

Q. Does Copia offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Yes, Copia offers 2FA for all account tiers.

To read our privacy policy in full, check out our privacy policy.

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