Topics are a feature in the Web App that allow you to associate specific labels with a repository. Topics will allow you to tag, search, and navigate repositories based on a location, purpose, or a separate taxonomy.

Topics have endless use cases and are an extremely powerful organizational tool. Some common implementations of Topics are outlined below:

  • Location: If an organization has 10 repositories that represent PLC projects for the stamping area in a factory, its users may add a "stamping" topic to each repository. This allows users in that organization to quickly find all repositories that relate to the stamping area in the plant.

  • Version: If an organization wants to track the version or firmware of a program in a customer repository, its users may add a "V1" topic that reflects the current firmware of the program within that repository. This allows users in that organization to quickly identify which customer repositories have outdated versions.

  • Type: If an organization wants to efficiently identify all of its repositories that are associated with a specific vendor, its users may add a "Siemens" topic to each repository that contains Step7 TIA Portal projects.

Adding a Topic

Navigate to the Files view in your repository and enable the Show Topics toggle near the top of the screen.

You can view, add, and delete topics once the Show Topics toggle is enabled. To add a new Topic, enter a Topic name and press the teal + icon.

The new Topic will appear as an interactive chip.

Deleting a Topic

Click on Manage Topics to remove a Topic.

Any Topics that are associated with your repository will display in red. Click anywhere on the chip to remove it from the repository.

Click the Save Changes option to save your work.

Searching by Topics

You can use a topic to search for a repository from the Dashboard. Select the Repositories tab, and Topics that have been assigned to a repository will be displayed as interactive chips.

To filter a list of repositories that have been assigned a certain topic, either click on a topic from the repository list or search for a topic by clicking into the Search for Repositories... field. The list will display repositories that have the chosen topic assigned to them. You can clear the filter condition by clicking on the red X within the active chip.

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