The Slack webhook is a popular Copia integration. You can integrate Copia with Slack to receive custom notifications for Copia activity.

Configure Slack

Start by configuring Slack to receive notifications via a webhook from Copia. A detailed guide on this process can be found here.

Once you have created an App, enabled Incoming Webhooks, and selected a Channel to post to, you should have access to Slack's Webhook URL. Copy the URL to your clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

To create a DeviceLink Site webhook in Copia using the Slack URL, see the DeviceLink Webhooks topic.

Create a Repository Webhook in Copia

From the Repository settings, navigate to the Settings tab and choose the Webhooks section. Click on the Add Webhook button and select the Slack option.

Paste the URL into the Target URL field. Be sure to choose which events you want to trigger a notification. When complete, click the Add Webhook button.

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