B&R Automation


Copia provides support for B&R Automation Studio 4.11-12, with advanced feature support for the following:


Copia supports source control of B&R Automation Studio project files.

To get set up, simply store the project files in a Copia repository. Once you perform the appropriate commit and push operations, you'll be able to see your project file and all of its data from both the Web App and Desktop App.

Graphical Display and Differences


Copia provides graphical rendering of Ladder (LAD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC) and Functions Block diagrams (FBD) for B&R Automation Studio. For other files within the project, Copia provides standard text and/or binary results to show changes within the project.

Supported Types

The following program types are supported in graphical or enhanced output:

  • .fbd (Function Block Diagram)

  • .ld (Ladder Diagram)

  • .sfc (Sequential Function Charts)

Copia also includes support for the following file types, which may include text, or tabular details:

  • .apj (Automation Studio project file)

  • .set (User-specific settings for the project)

  • .c (ANSI C)

  • .ab (B&R Automation Basic)

  • .st (Structured Test)

  • .il (Instruction List)

  • .typ (Declaration file for local data types)

  • .var (Declaration file to local variables)

...and many more!

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