Wikis let you write and share documentation with collaborators for your repository. Most often, a Wiki will be used to explain the structure of an area, a machine, or a process that is related to the source code in the repository. All repositories in Copia can have a Wiki.

While the file in your repository lends a quick explanation of the repository's contents, a Wiki offers more advanced features like markdown editing. A Wiki also allows for collaboration on its own development.

You can choose to link a repository to an external Wiki by managing options within your repository's Settings page.

Creating a Wiki

Navigate to a repository and select the WIki tab. Click the Create the First Page button to get started.

Fill out the Page Title field and enter your page contents into the editor. You can preview your Wiki page by toggling into the Preview tab. When ready, press the Save Page button.

You can manage images, links, and markdown editing by using the toolbar options in the editor.

Your new page will be used as the home page for your Wiki. This will be the default page that loads when your colleagues click into the Wiki tab for that repository.

Wikis offer three page types:

  • Home

    This will be the first page that you see when you click the Wiki banner

  • _Sidebar

    This serves as a sidebar for the Wiki

  • _Footer

    This sets a standardized footer for each page in the Wiki.

To apply one of these page types, fill in the Page Title field of the new page with the appropriate syntax. For example, if you wanted to make a new sidebar page, you'd enter "_Sidebar" for the Page Title field.

Managing a Wiki

As you create more pages within your Wiki, you will see them appear as individual items in the Wiki tab. Click into a page to view its contents.

If you want to manage a different page, you can either click on the Wiki tab and make another page selection, or click into the Page Selector dropdown and choose a separate page.

You can edit the contents of a page by clicking on the Edit button.

Any edits you make to a page will be saved as a commit. This way, all versions are tracked and retrievable. You can view the commit history for a given page by clicking on the Commits button.

Clicking on the Home button will take you back to the most recent commit for that page.

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