Notifications for an Organization and its repositories are managed at the user level. This way, any Member within a Team can set personalized notification settings.

Managing Email Addresses

To access your notification preferences, navigate to the Dashboard and click the teal Settings button atop your user avatar.

Alternatively, you can click the caret next to your avatar in the top nav and choose the Settings option.

Choose the Notifications section and take note of the General container. By default, the email you used during registration will be set as the primary address to deliver notifications.

If you wish to send notifications to multiple email accounts, you can add additional email addresses within the Add New Email Address field. Notifications will be sent to all email accounts that are registered within the General container.

Managing Preferences for Git-Based Source Control

Enabling Email Notifications

Notifications preferences are managed separately between Copia's products.

To activate email notifications for Git-Based Source Control, scroll down to the Git-Based Source Control section and ensure that the Enable Notifications toggle is turned on.

When you enable notifications for Git-Based Source Control, you will receive notifications for general activity in your Organization.

If you only want to be notified for high-level activity, check the Only notify when someone mentions me option.

Once you're finished with your selections, click the Save Changes button.

In the Notification section, there are also notifications that are specific to DeviceLink. See the DeviceLink Notifications topic for more information.

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