Site Settings

The settings of a Site allow you to change properties for the site, and are explained in the sections below.

Modifying a Site

To modify a Site, navigate to the Settings tab for a given Site and click on the Site section. After updating the Name and Description fields, click the Save Changes button.

You cannot edit the Time Zone after creating a Site. Doing so would alter all dates and times of actions performed within the Site.


In this section you can enable a sitewide project Watch, and subscribe to watch new projects for a site.

To learn more about watching a project and notifications, see these sections:

Sitewide Backup Schedule

A sitewide Job backs up all the projects in a site. At the scheduled start time, a job run for each project will be queued and run in order. This ensures all projects are backed up, without having to configure a job for each project manually. More information about this and other jobs can be found in the Creating Jobs section.

The scheduler provided allows you to create a queue of backups for every project in the site. At the time(s) chosen, DeviceLink will create and process those backup operations sequentially.

Example: If you set the schedule to "daily at 7AM", Copia will queue a backup operation for every project in the site at 7AM every day.

If the agent is unable to complete the backups before a new set of backup operations is scheduled (e.g. because there were too many, or the agent went offline), the site admins will receive an email letting them know. If the agent was online and running the whole time, this may mean you need additional agent capacity.

The Time Out After field contains the timeout value which will be applied to all backup operations, once a backup has started. It is recommended to set this value to the time needed to backup the project that may take the longest time.

In addition to the above, every project is configured to Auto-Commit to a single branch in its repository, named DeviceLink/<Name of site>.

Standard jobs are prioritized over pending Sitewide backup jobs, but do not interrupt jobs in progress.

Once configured, the sitewide job will be visible on the Job Management page, as shown.

File Lists

File Lists are explained in the File Lists sub-section of this topic.

Deleting a Site

To delete a Site, navigate to the Settings tab for a given Site and click on the Delete Site section.

Only Owners can delete a Site. Check out this section to learn more about permission levels for DeviceLink.

Click on the Delete Site button and confirm that you want to delete the Site.

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