Setting up the Discord integration is a quick and simple process of copying and pasting your webhook URL from Discord into the Webhook settings page in Copia.

Configure Discord

First, ensure that Discord can receive notifications via a webhook from Copia. You can refer to this guide to configure Discord to receive a webhook.

After creating a webhook, copy the webhook URL for the server or channel you want to receive messages at by clicking the _Copy Webhook UR_L button.

Create a Webhook in Copia

Choose the repository you want to create an integration for. Navigate to the Settings tab and choose the Webhooks section. Click on the Add Webhook button and select the Discord option.

Paste the Discord webhook URL into the Target URL field. You can optionally add a Username and Icon URL, which will be displayed with every event in Discord.

Choose which events you want to trigger a notification. When complete, click the Add Webhook button.

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