Manual Backups


While Jobs will usually be set to run on a recurring schedule, it might sometimes be necessary to run a Project backup manually.

Performing a Manual Backup

To initiate an on-demand backup, navigate to the Projects tab and find the Project you wish to backup manually. Click the Backup Now button to start the backup. You will find this same button on the Job and Device cards that are linked to your Project, so you can also start a Project backup from those Site assets as well.

You can only run manual backups for a Project whose supporting Agent is online. The status color on the left of the Project card shows if the Agent is online and able to perform the backup.

Your manual backup will initiate and you should be redirected to the Job History tab to see the progress of your backup.

An on-demand backup will be listed as a "Manual Run" and will also display the avatar of the user who initiated the Project backup.

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