Machine Expert


Copia provides support for Schneider EcoStruxure Machine Expert v2.0.1 - 2.1.1, with advanced feature support for the following:


Copia supports Machine Expert project files, with rendering for .project files.

To get set up, simply store the file in a Copia repository. Upon making a change to the file, you will be able to see the change rendered in the Copia Desktop app, and once you perform the appropriate commit and push operations, you'll be able to see your project file and all of its data in the Web App.

Graphical Display and Differences


When the project file is selected in the Web App or Desktop App, Copia displays the project tree structure in a way that's familiar to users of the Control Expert (classic) editor. This way, you can easily navigate to a project item or identify differences.

Supported Types

The following types are currently supported.

  • Ladder (LAD)

  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)

  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

In addition, as Machine Expert utilizes the CODESYS framework, the other types of objects that are supported by Copia (listed here: are supported for Machine Expert.

Rung Commenting for Code Review

Copia supports rung commenting for Schneider Machine Expert editor files for both Ladder and Function Block Diagram.

Rung Commenting enhances the Code Review process once someone generates a Pull Request to merge a Branch. During the review process, users can add comments directly to the supported parts of the code.

You can watch an overview of rung commenting in the video below.

The product version in the video may be older than the current release, but the process is still applicable.

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