Rolling back a prior import

In this section, we will review how to rollback (or undo) prior imports. This operation will remove the data that was previously imported.

Warning - You should not use this operation if you have performed any manual modifications to the imported data, or have performed any DeviceLink operations using this imported data.

It is assumed that you have already launched the Copia Import Tool, and you are at the screen shown below.

If you are not at the screen shown, return to the Getting Started section to launch the Copia Import Tool.

Select the Rollback a previous import button.

A list of all of the prior imports will be listed for selection, similar to the test data below.

Select an import, and it will expand to provide the details. Scroll through and verify that this import matches the data that you want to remove, and then at the bottom of the selection press the Rollback this Import button.

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