Profile and Settings

Your Profile and Profile Settings are accessible from the header, by selecting the menu on the right indicated by your user avatar.


The Profile page allows you to view information about yourself, as well as activity for you, followers and those you follow. By clicking the gear, you can also access your Profile Settings.

Profile Settings

Profile Settings are broken out into seven areas.

  • Notifications are explained in a sub-topic to this section

  • Security (specifically Two-Factor Authentication) is also explained in a sub-topic to this section.

The rest of the sections are explained in more detail below.


The Profile section of settings provides options for you Public Profile. Most of the information on this page, and available fields are self-explanatory.


The account section allows you to update your password, and delete your account if necessary. In some cases, it may also allow you to "opt in" to experimental features.


The Dashboard section allows you to set a default Org (if you have access to more than one), and also the default landing page for that Org.


The Applications section allows you generate tokens for the Copia API. This is typically used for Copia applications like the Copia Desktop app.


This sections allows you to leave any organizations you may be a part of.

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