Below are some answers to specific issues customers often ask about. Review our recommendations to troubleshoot any errors you may be experiencing.

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Q. Why won't my VM-based Agent connect to Copia?

Networking from a Virtual Machine may be complex. VM's typically offer both a Bridged and NAT-based networking option, and there may also be port requirements in your environment. Though both should work without issue if configured correctly, we have seen in many cases that using NAT-based networking is less complex than Bridged, and can prove that the VM "can" connect to the Copia server. We recommend trying this, and if connection is established, work with your internal IT to discern why Bridged is not able to do the same in your environment.

Q. My Siemens Step7 TIA Portal job failed due to a Security Error?

If you received an error message similar to the below, it is most likely due to the user account running the Agent is not part of the Openness User Group. See more information here: Agent Requirements

Unhandled Exception: Siemens.Engineering.EngineeringSecurityException: Security error.
Can't access this process to acquire needed information.
Security error.
Owner 'username' of this process is not member of the windows group 'Siemens TIA Openness'.
Please contact your administrator.

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