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Auto-backup and change detection by Copia Automation
Copia is proud to offer DeviceLink -- an automated backup solution that provides change detection for your automation devices.
Through DeviceLink, Copia provides the ability to back up projects and files either on-demand or through scheduled operation. Using the Copia Web App, users of DeviceLink can configure their Projects and Devices for backup with a client-side app called the Copia Agent.
To review the vendors that DeviceLink supports, check out the Supported Vendors section.
The Copia DeviceLink system consists of the following items:
  • Sites & Agents
    • A Site is a logical grouping of user-defined Projects, Devices and Agents. A Site could be home to a factory, an area within a factory, a large region, etc.
    • An Agent is a piece of software that will perform or request the actual backup of the Device directly. This is downloaded and installed on a PC in the customer network which has access to perform this operation.
  • Projects & Devices
    • Projects are pointers to specific automation projects which are stored in the repositories within an Organization.
    • Devices represent the actual hardware device(s) or location(s) that Projects are backed up from (i.e. PLCs, robot controller, etc). They often contain communication information, like an IP address.
  • Jobs
    • A Job is a scheduled operation that is used to perform a backup and comparison of your Project to the current instance in the Copia Server.
The example below demonstrates how an Organization might configure two Sites for DeviceLink: