Labels are used to organize and categorize issues, pull requests, and other items in a repository. You can apply Labels for a variety of purposes, such as indicating the priority of an issue or pull request, marking items that need attention from a particular team or person, or categorizing issues by type or status. For example, you might use labels like "bug", "enhancement", "duplicate", "question", "help wanted", "wontfix" and so on.

Labels for a repository can be access via the Issues tab, in the Labels section. Copia provides a default set of Labels at the Org level (which can be modified) which can be seen at the bottom of the window, and customers can also add/delete additional custom labels at the repository level seen at the top of the window.

To add a new repository label, use the New Label button.

To modify the Organization level labels, use the Organization Settings, and select the Labels section. These labels are applied to any new repository that is created.

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