Preparing your data

In this section, we will review how to download the Excel-based Import Template, which is required to prepare and gather your data for import. It is assumed that you have already launched the Copia Import Tool, and you are at the screen shown below.

If you are not at the screen shown, return to the Getting Started section to launch the Copia Import Tool.

Select the Import Assets into Copia button.

You will now be able to download the Excel-based Import Template by selecting the Download Import Template button.

The Import Template should now be downloaded and available for use (typically found in your "downloads" folder in Windows). You can now close the Copia Import Tool and focus on gathering and preparing your data for the import process.

Gathering and Preparing your data

This Microsoft Excel-based Import Template is needed to define the data that you will want loaded into the Copia system (this may include a path(s) to the project folder(s)/file(s) containing the project data to populate into the repositories).

The spreadsheet will have instruction on the first sheet for filling out the information.

Any project data that is needed (files or folders) to populate your Copia repositories will need to be gathered, accessible and permissible to be read from the system running the Copia Import Tool (such as in a local or network folder).

Once the data is gathered and staged, and the Excel-based Import Template is complete, you are ready to restart the Copia Import Tool to import your data.

The Excel-based Import Template is a macro-enabled spreadsheet, and does include some limited error checking features.

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