Q. Can the Agent run in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment?


Q. Will a user need to stay logged in for the Agent to function?


Q. Do I need to start the Agent again each time I log in?

When the Agent is installed, it will register itself as a startup program, and should launch and begin operating when the user logs in. No additional action is required.

Q. Is the Agent app a Windows Service?

No, the Agent needs desktop access in many cases.

Q. How will the Agent be updated?

If the Agent is allowed outbound access to our update server ( it will automatically install updates and restart itself as they become available.

Q. A backup was triggered, but I am not seeing any difference in View Details?

In some cases, the View Options that you are using when you press View Details in a DeviceLink backup may be "hiding" that actual difference that triggered the update. When viewing details in a DeviceLink backup, we recommend starting with View Options configured to not hide or ignore any details, and then add as desired.

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