System Requirements


To get started with Copia, we need to cover a few of the system requirements required to use our product.

Copia Web App

Copia is formally supported on Chrome, but the current version of the following browsers should also work:
  • Edge
  • Firefox
Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Copia Desktop App

The following operating systems are supported for the Copia Desktop App:
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows 11
Windows 7 is not supported for the Copia Desktop App.

Copia Agent (for DeviceLink)

While DeviceLink is based on a cloud-based architecture, it still relies on an onsite component called the Copia Agent.
The Copia Agent is a small client-side application that enables DeviceLink to back up the code running on customer devices to Copia's Git-Based Source Control product.
It is likely that additional software or requirements may be required on the Copia Agent to perform a backup of a Device. A list of this software and requirements is outlined in Agent sections of each device type, in the DeviceLink section of the documentation.
The Agent works through a specific set of operations:
  • The Agent will poll for Jobs from the Copia Web App via HTTPS at a polling interval of approximately 15 seconds.
  • If any Jobs are found, the Agent will attempt to communicate to the Device to perform the backup.
  • If the backup is successful, the program on the Device will be saved to disk in a temporary folder on the system. Prior to the next backup, the program will be deleted from local storage.
  • If the backup is successful, the Agent will upload the results to the Web App via HTTPS.

Network Requirements

The Copia Agent has only a few network requirements to run successfully:
  • Connectivity to the Copia Cloud:
    • To connect to the Copia Cloud, outbound HTTPS connections must be allowed to by allowing outbound TCP connections on port 443.
    • DNS resolution of is also required. This may require outbound TCP and UDP connections on port 53, though it depends on your network configuration. The network configuration must provide access to a valid DNS server that resolves
    • The SSL certificate for must validate correctly on the agent machine. If the network configuration includes a proxy server that modifies SSL certificates, make sure that the agent machine is configured with any required certificates so that the certificate validates.
    • You can validate successful connection to the Copia Cloud by opening a web browser on the agent machine and loading The page should load successfully without any security errors.
  • The Agent must be launched with Administrator rights
  • The Agent must have demonstrated network access to Devices to perform backups
  • High-availability, with outbound-only access to the Web App via HTTPS to both poll for Jobs and also upload backup results to Copia's Git-Based Source Control
    • As a result, the Copia Agent should always be active, and not be configured to hibernate, sleep or become inactive in any manner.
DeviceLink will not be able to function if the Agent loses connectivity to the Web App. Until connectivity is restored, scheduled Jobs will not run and Agent updates will not take place.

System Requirements

The Copia Agent should be dedicated for Copia Jobs and activities. It should not be accessed or used for other purposes, as this may interfere with the operations that are being performed.
  • OS: Windows 7 or later (32 or 64-bit)
  • RAM: At least 4 GB recommended
  • Storage: Less than 1GB to install
In addition to the above, there may be additional requirements based on the device types that will be managed. These requirements can be found in the Vendor Configuration section of the documentation, by vendor.