A reviewer is an individual or Team that is appointed to a pull request to provide feedback on a set of changes. They are notified by e-mail and in the Notifications screen of the Web App if a review has been requested from them.

Reviewing a Pull Request

Pull requests need to be reviewed and approved before getting merged into main.

Accessing an Open Pull Request

Reviewers and contributors can view open pull requests in a few ways.

The easiest gateway into viewing an open PR is to navigate to the Notifications screen and click on an open PR.

Another option is to navigate to the Pull Requests page through the main nav bar. Clicking into the Open part of the toggle will display open pull requests across all repositories and throughout all organizations.

The last method is to navigate to a specific repository and click on the Pull Requests tab. Any open PRs will be listed under the Open side of the toggle.

Discussing an Open Pull Request

Both reviewers and contributors can create and engage in a dialogue about the contents of a PR.

To read or add a comment, navigate to the Conversation tab. Here you will see a full history of what has been discussed as it relates to the changes proposed in the PR.

The Conversation tab serves to provide a space for discussion and feedback. Any activity that happens within it neither starts a review nor blocks the PR from being merged.

Submitting a General Review

After reviewing all changes, you can add a general and high-level review to the PR.

Click on the Submit Review dropdown and enter your comments.

You can either approve, comment, or request changes using the radio selectors. If you approve the changes, the contributor can continue to merge the PR into main. Once finished, click the Submit button.

Although both contributors and reviewers can comment on a PR, only reviewers can approve or request changes.

Submitting a Review with Code Commenting

If the filetype under review supports Code Commenting, you can add comments directly on the graphical display. Code Commenting will also initialize the review process.

Navigate to the Files for Review tab, choose an item to comment on, and write your comment. Click the Start Review button to submit your comment.

Review the Vendor Integrations section to learn what filetypes support Code Commenting.

Continue to add other comments as needed. Once you're finished with all of your comments, click the Submit Review button to finalize your review.

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