Webhooks for DeviceLink


Webhooks are automated messages sent from Copia when new activity happens in your Copia organization. These messages are posted via HTTP to a specific URL of an application that is waiting to receive the message. Webhooks are used by many systems to monitor events in another system, and in some cases even perform actions based on those events.

Webhooks are available at the Site level for DeviceLink.

To enable DeviceLink webhooks for your Site, from the Dashboard, click on the teal Settings button to navigate to your Organization settings page.

Select the Webhooks tab. Click on the Add DeviceLink Webhook button and choose an app to integrate.

E-mail based notifications are also provided, and more information about them can be found in the Notifications section.

At this time, Slack webhooks are supported for DeviceLink. See the Integrations section for more information about configuring a Slack webhook, and then return to this page to finish configuring your DeviceLink Site webhook.

Once you have your Slack webhook URL, finish your configuration as shown:

  1. Paste the Slack webhook URL you created into the Target URL field

  2. Select the Site to receive notifications from in Slack

  3. Select the events that you want to generate notifications

In addition to the above, you can enable/disable these notifications by checking/unchecking the Active checkbox accordingly.

When complete, click the Add Webhook button.

Webhooks notifications and settings are unrelated to watching a project, or the e-mail based Notification settings.

When complete, you should see your webhook displayed in the Webhooks section. A red, grey or green indicator will display on the left side of the webhook, to indicate the result of the last attempt to send notifications (failure, none or success). You can also manage your webhook by clicking on it, or by using the teal Edit and red Delete buttons.

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