Pull Requests


If you are not using the recommended Copia auto-commit feature, or if you want to merge change into another branch, you can merge changes for a given backup into your repository using Pull Requests.

Navigate to the Job History tab under the Jobs screen and click on the View Details for a given run to review the diff. You can open a PR after a backup completes.

Differences will be displayed in the lower portion of the screen for your review. If you wish to update your Project with the data from the backup, you can select the New Pull Request button at the top right of the screen.

When you choose to create a new PR, you will be taken to the screen below. At this point the process is similar what's outlined in the Pull Request and Code Review section. Reviewers can be assigned to the PR through the Assign Reviewers dropdown. Once a PR is approved, changes can be merged into the repository.

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