Teams can be used to group together different Members within your Organization and manage their access rights. When inviting a new Member, you will select an initial Team to place them in.
When you first create an Organization, you will automatically be placed into the Owners team, which by default provides full access to all Teams, repositories, and settings under your Organization. Copia recommends that you only ever invite IT admins to the Owners team. Individuals with Owners-level privileges have access to high level and potentially dangerous operations such as deleting the entire Organization.

Create a Team

Navigate to the Dashboard. If you're part of more than one Organization, make sure that you select the Organization want to add the new Team to.
Choose the Teams page and click on the Create New Team button.
Provide a Team Name and Description. You can also choose whether Members of that Team will have access to all repositories/sites, or if they will be limited to repositories and sites added to that Team.
When finished, select the Create Team button.
You should see your new Team displayed in the Teams tab.
Whenever you create a new Team, you will not be added to the Team by default. To add yourself to the new Team, simply click on the Join Team button.

Add a Member to a Team

You can add Members to a Team to give them access to specific repositories in Copia.
Navigate to the Teams page and find the team you wish to manage. Click on the name of the Team.
You should be presented with a Team management screen, where you can set the Members, repositories, and overall settings for your Team.
Select the Members sub tab and click on Add Member to Team. Choose the Copia account-holder you want to add. You can search for valid Members by typing into the text input at the top of the dropdown.
Select the privileges for this Member. This will set the access type for that Member to all repositories associated with that Team.
There are several types of access levels you can assign. Check out the Permissions by Account Type section to learn more.

Invite a New Member to your Organization

Team management is only possible with Copia account holders -- so if you want to add someone to a Team and they are not already part of Copia, you'll need to first invite them to your Organization.
To invite a new Member, navigate to your Dashboard and make sure to select the Organization you want to add the new Member under.
Head to the Members page and click on the Invite New Member button. This options will only be available to users who are part of the Owners Team.
Enter the Email Address, Initial Team, and Team Privileges for the new individual. If you would like this person to have full Administrator access to your entire Organization, be sure to add them to the Owners Team. Click Send Invitation to continue.
Copia recommends that you only ever invite IT admins to the Owners team. Individuals with Owners-level privileges have access to high level and potentially dangerous operations such as deleting the entire Organization.
An invitation email will automatically be sent to the invitee. Their account will appear in the Members tab in a pending state until they complete registration. If you'd prefer to cancel the invitation, simply click the Cancel Invitation button. Whenever they complete registration, the new Member will be added to your Organization and their account will move from the Pending Users tab to the All Users tab.

Remove a User from a Team

To remove an account holder from a Team, navigate to the Dashboard and select the Organization you want to manage.
After choosing the Teams page, find the Member you want to take off the Team and click the Remove From Team button.
Members who are removed from a Team will still be part of the Organization. In other words, they'll still have an active read or write seat within the Organization.

Remove a User from an Organization

On occasions where you have a Member leaving the Organization and need to fully remove them from your Copia account, you can do so while still retaining their contributions to your account history.
From the Dashboard, choose the Organization you'd like to manage.
Click on the Members page and navigate to the Member you wish to remove. Click the Remove from Org button.
If you remove a Member from an Organization, their work will still be viewable by everyone who has viewing privileges on the repository their work is stored on. So if only one Team of many in your Organization has access to a specific repository, everyone on that Team will still be able to see the removed user’s work on that repository, but users in a separate Team will not. This is the default behavior that remains true regardless of whether a user has been removed or not.

Edit Permissions for a Team Member

You can edit permissions for each Member of a Team from the Team page.
Head to the Dashboard and choose the Organization you wish to manage.
Click on the Teams page and choose the Team you want to manage.
You should see a list of Members, each of which has an assigned user privilege. Click the privilege dropdown to select a new permission for the Member. Your new election will automatically be saved.
Members can have varying privileges for each Team that they are assigned to.

Add a Repository to a Team

Once you've created a Team and assigned its Members, you can grant that Team access to a specific set of repositories.
Choose the Team you want to manage.
Click on the Repositories sub tab.
Choose the repo you want to add. You can select from the dropdown or type the name of the repo within the field. Click Add Repository to grant access to the team.
All Members will have access to the repositories that are assigned to their Team.