Registration & Billing


Organizations provide a home for all of your repositories, Members, Teams, and general settings. It is the highest-level entity in Copia.


During registration, if you have not already been invited to an existing Organization, you will be prompted to create your own by entering a unique name. This will initiate your free trial period.

Copia recommends that you maintain one Organization for your business so that you don't double-pay for seats for the same user. If you would like to further organize Members into groups, you can take advantage of Teams, which are outlined in greater detail in the Teams section.

Managing Billing and Seats

Billing for Copia is managed at the Organization level. That means that the seats you pay for in Copia are allocated to your Organization, and you only pay for users with Write permissions. Read-only users are free and do not count toward your paid users. For more information on pricing, see our pricing page.

The billing bar will display the number of active paid users and any unallocated users that you are currently paying for.

The Manage Users button will appear in the billing bar for Owners of an Organization. Clicking this button will take you to the Copia billing portal.

Once in the Copia billing portal, you can edit your billing information, adjust your number of paid users, and change your plan to a different tier. You can also cancel your plan if you wish.

The minimum seat count is based on how many write users are currently in your organization. If you need to lower the number of seats you are currently paying for, try reducing the amount of write users in your org to the desired number of seats you would like to purchase. Enterprise and higher plans have a built-in seat minimum.

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