Getting Started

Copia is proud to offer DeviceLink -- an automated backup solution that provides change detection for your automation devices.

In the automation industry (as opposed to the software industry), source code lives in two places; (1) in the version control system, like Copia's Git-based Source Control, an (2) in the automation devices in the factory and field. Copia addresses this by not only providing source-control, but automated backup, compare and monitoring between the device and the source control system.

DeviceLink enhances the workflows under Git-Based Source Control by providing automatic device backup and change detection of running control programs. With DeviceLink, you can visualize data in a central location, detect unauthorized changes, and visually compare code for quick troubleshooting and recovery.

The foundation of DeviceLink and its backup system is Copia's Git-Based Source Control. This product negotiates the storage and management of data after it is backed up from a Device.

If you are just getting started with Copia, you will need to create some repositories for your automation data before you configure DeviceLink. We strongly recommend that you walk through the documentation for Git-Based Source Control to understand the storage mechanisms behind DeviceLink.

Git-Based Source Control is the core of Copia's two products and is required to be configured before working in DeviceLink.

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