One of the benefits of Git is that it is quick and easy to migrate to. Onboarding your existing files into a Copia Git repository is just as streamlined.

If your source repository is Git-LFS enabled, please contact Copia for guidance at support@copia.io.

Migrating with Git-LFS

When Git-LFS is involved, migration involves either of the following processes:

  • migrating a repository which is not previously Git-LFS enabled

  • migrating a repository from another vendor to Copia that is already configured for Git-LFS

We recommend you contact Copia for assistance while we continue to add additional documentation, guidance, and features surrounding these use-cases.

Migrating a Git Repository

If Git-LFS is not involved, you must use the Copia Web App to migrate an existing Git repository.

Click the + button in the upper right-hand corner and choose the New Migration option.

Next, select your Git provider. Git, GitHub, and GitLab are currently supported.

If you intend to migrate from GitHub, you must select GitHub rather than the vanilla Git migration option. This is because GitHub no longer supports the Username/Password authentication used by the vanilla Git migration option.

Provide a Migration URL and choose an Organization you'd like to migrate your contents into. After filling out the Repository Name field, click the Migrate Repository button.

Migrate a Copia Repository

The Copia migration option allows users to create an identical copy of an existing Copia repository or migrate repos from a self-hosted Copia instance. If you'd like to migrate additional items such as the Wiki, Issues, Pull Request, and Releases, check the boxes in the "Migration Items" section. If you want to migrate any of these additional items, you'll need an Access Token in place of your password.

Generating Access Tokens

Access Tokens are strings of characters that can be used to authenticate Copia users without using their typical username and password. These tokens should not be shared with anyone and should be stored in a secure location. You can generate your access token by following these steps:

  1. When logged into app.copia.io, click on your user icon in the upper right corner and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu

  2. Select "Applications" from the left menu

  3. In the "Manage Access Tokens" section, enter a value in the "Token Name" field and click "Generate Token"

  4. The generated token string will be available at the top of the page. Copy and store it somewhere safe.

Migrate a Local Directory Structure

Some Git users might already have their files in a directory structure. If this is the case, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a repository in the Web App

  2. Clone your repository in the Desktop App

  3. Add your files locally to the cloned repository using your file manager.

  4. Using the Desktop App, commit and push your files to the remote Copia repository.

If you follow this process, your files will be tracked under Git and be discoverable in the Copia Web App.

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