Managing Jobs and History

Job Management

The Job Management section allows you to perform a backup job "now", add new Jobs, or Edit existing jobs. To Edit a job, select the menu caret on the right side of the Backup Now button, to access the additional menu options.

The Job list provides details in this view, such as the Agent, and the schedule. In addition, it provides the last activity that was performed with the Job.

Job Notifications

Job Notifications are generated on a scheduled or demand basis. They are provided at a Site level for users who have access to that site. Configuration of Job notifications are done in the User Profile section, explained in the Notifications topic.

Job History

Click on the Jobs tab and navigate to the Job History section. Your data is sortable by clicking the carets on the column headers.

There are 5 possible outcomes for a Job run -- each of which are shown as a chip in the Result column:

Job OutcomeDescription


Waiting for the Agent to start the Job

In Progress

Agent is currently performing the Job

🟢 Up to Date

Job was completed with no differences found

🟠 Modified

Job was completed with differences found

🔴 Failed

Job failed due to an error

🔴 Timed Out

Job took too long to be completed

A Job will usually time out when its supporting Agent encounters an issue. Typically, this will occur if multiple Jobs overlap, there is not a sufficiently long enough timeout value set, or your Agent experiences other connectivity issues.

For Jobs that are not pending or in process, you can see the differences by pressing the View Details button. This button will display the differences between the device and the commit that was used in determining the results.

In some cases, the View Options that you are using when you press View Details in a DeviceLink backup may be "hiding" that actual difference that triggered the update. When viewing details in a DeviceLink backup, we recommend starting with View Options configured to not hide or ignore any details, and then add as desired.

Job Summaries

In addition to the Job history table, you can view Job summaries in graphical form by using the Site graphs, available via the Site tab of the Dashboard, as seen below.

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