When DeviceLink is enabled for your Organization, you can take advantage of Teams to quickly grant Members access to a Site. Associating a Site with a Team will provide all Members of the chosen Team access to the Site.

Add a Site to a Team

If you want to add a Site to a Team and your Site has already been created, you can do this from the Teams page. From the Dashboard, click the Teams tab at the top, and then select the Team you wish to add a site.

From there, you can now select the Sites tab at the top, and use the menu to add a Site to your team. All the Sites are lised on this page, and they can be removed by using the buttons provided.

Once Members have access to a Site, the assets that they see within the Site will rely on their repository access levels. Members must have access to the repository in order to see Projects, Devices, or Jobs associated with that repository.

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