Below are some answers to specific issues customers often ask about. Review our recommendations to troubleshoot any errors you may be experiencing.

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Q. Why do I get a failure when switching branches?

In some cases, when switching branches you may get an error stating that Copia "Could not reset index file to revision 'HEAD'" or similar.

This is typically due to having the IDE open when trying to switch branches. Many software IDE's will lock files while performing edits. If you try to switch branches during this time, Copia will attempt to update the repository files, but encounter locked files, causing a failure.

To avoid this situation, please remember to exit the IDE prior to switching branches.

Q. Why is the method I used to make a change interpreted incorrectly?

Copia uses different algorithms to automatically detect and interpret changes to code. Copia only has "before" and "after" snapshots, and not necessarily any access to each step as it was performed.

As a result, the method (added, removed, etc.) displayed to indicate the change may be different than the actual performed steps. For example, renaming contact "A" to "B" may be interpreted as deleting contact "A" and adding contact "B". In the end, you will know that a change has occurred in that location, and will have an accurate understanding of what occurred before and after the change. The method is a "best guess," given the information provided.

Q. Why do my files show as deleted and then re-added when I rename a folder in my repo?

When you rename a folder, Git no longer finds the files that it was expecting at the old location. Since it has no way of knowing that you renamed the folder, it shows the files as being deleted and then created in the new folder.

If you want to rename a folder without marking all of its contents as changes, you need to use the git mv <old_name> <new_name> command via the command-line. Be sure to use quotation marks if the file paths include any space characters.

Q. Why can’t I access a specific repository?

Repository access is granted through Teams. To review what repositories you can access, you should first review what Teams you're part of. Check the settings for each Team to see if they have full or limited repository access.

If you're part of a Team that has limited repository access, you will need to reach out to an Owner to either grant your Team access to the specific repository you need, or just enable full repository access for your entire Team.

Check out the Teams section to learn more.

Q. Why am I experiencing login errors?

If your company requires use of a personal access token, this may have caused Copia to incorrectly interface with repositories stored elsewhere.

To remediate the issue, first confirm that the account you're trying to connect to has been set up with a personal access token that allows for external access. When logging in to the Copia Desktop App, try using your personal access token in lieu of your normal password.

Q. How can I fix my merge error?

The merge tool attempts to convert the L5X file merge result back to an ACD file. If this operation fails, it's most likely due to one of the following:

  • Copia's conversion server is missing AOP / EDS files used in the project

  • The project is using an older version of Studio 5000 (see supported versions)

  • There is a bug in Copia's merge logic

When the automated merge conversion fails, these are the manual resolutions we recommend:

  • Click the Download L5X button

  • Open the file in Studio 5000 to convert to .ACD

  • Commit the resulting ACD file to main and close the PR

  • Take a screenshot of the Studio 5000 error panel and submit a bug report so that we can work on a resolution to prevent future errors.

Q. What does "Author Identity Unknown" entail?

This occurs when we don't have a Name and Email to use as a signature on a commit.

You can provide this information in the Options page on the Desktop App. Navigate to the Git section and provide a Name and Email. Click the Save button to submit.

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