A Site is logical grouping of Projects, Devices, Agents, and Jobs. They are meant to denote larger areas (such as a factory or region).

Creating a Site

To create your first Site, navigate to the Dashboard and click the + button within the Sites card.
You can alternatively click the + dropdown in your top nav and select the New Site option.
You should see the New Site modal. Select the Organization your new Site should be placed under and choose a Name and Time Zone for your new Site. Add an optional Description so that other users are clear about the purpose of your Site.
The Time Zone field cannot be changed after initial setup so be careful to set this value correctly.
Copia recommends that you add your new Site to a specific Team to automatically give every Member within the chosen Team access to the Site. This is a great way of using the Teams you've set up in Git-Based Source Control to quickly grant others access to your Site.
You can also add a Site to a Team at a later time through the Teams tab on your Org Management screen. To learn more about this flow, check out the Teams section.
Click the Create Site button to finish Site setup.
You should now be taken to your new Site.

Modifying a Site

To modify a Site, navigate to the Settings tab for a given Site and click on the Site section. After updating the Name and Description fields, click the Save Changes button.
You cannot edit the Time Zone after creating a Site. Doing so would alter all dates and times of actions performed within the Site.

Deleting a Site

To delete a Site, navigate to the Settings tab for a given Site and click on the Delete Site section.
Only Owners can delete a Site. Check out this section to learn more about permission levels for DeviceLink.
Click on the Delete Site button and confirm that you want to delete the Site.

File Lists

File Lists define the files that should be included and excluded from a Project backup.
Copia provides default File Lists for each project type. To access these File Lists, navigate to the Settings tab for a given Site and click on the File Lists section. Copia's defaults will be displayed within the Copia File Lists group.
Although Copia's default File Lists are not editable, you can create a custom File List and set it as your default for a given project type. To learn more about adding custom File Lists, check out the File Lists section.