The Copia dashboard is your main landing page for working with your repositories and more in Copia. It provides quick access to the most common sections that are used by our customers.

Header Navigation

The header of the Copia dashboard is always accessible and can bring you back to the dashboard in a single click. In addition, you can quickly access the latest Issues and Pull Requests in your organization with filtering options to sort by ownership or repo.

In addition, on the left hand side, you have access to some links and menu's described from the left to the right below:

  • Product Updates - A red dot will appear when new Product Updates are posted. This button will open a sidebar men with details about what's new!

  • Notifications - Notifications are enabled and managed in your Profile Settings. When a red dot appears on the Bell icon, you have a notification about activity in your organization.

  • Activity Feed - The activity feed, accessed by the Pulse icon, allows you to review your organization's activity, or filter to just your activity.

By using the Plus icon, you can access a menu to create a new repository or a new migration.

Finally, your User menu will allow you to download the desktop app, as well as access your profile, user settings and product documentation.

The main navigation area provides two sections to quickly access to your important information, highlighted in red and blue below:

In the upper Red section, the Green Cog icon on the left allows you to access your Organization settings. In addition, on the right, you can manage your billing.

If you belong to more than one Organization, you may also have the option to access them through the drop-down menu, as shown.

The lower Blue section allows you to change from multiple views, including: Repositories, Sites (if using DeviceLink), Members and Teams. There are different sorting and and item creation options provided on the right side. More details on each of these area's can be found in their respective documentation sections.

In addition, there is a search bar that can be used for finding the Repository, Site, and Members, as needed.

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