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Copia Automation brings modern DevOps tooling to industrial automation, standardizing processes to drive quality, efficiency, and uptime at scale.
  • Quality: Copia drives quality by enabling teams to capture issues earlier in the development lifecycle and better leverage team expertise.
  • Efficiency: Copia breaks the one-engineer-to-a-project paradigm, enabling you to apply your talent where and when it’s needed most. Engineers can easily move between projects and work simultaneously on the same code base.
  • Uptime: Copia provides visibility into when code changes and why. The last working version is instantly available to accelerate recovery during operational disruptions.

Git-Based Source Control

Built for industrial automation professionals, Git-Based Source Control enables you to manage the code development of your automation projects.
  • Industrial code support from multiple vendors
  • Tracks all file changes with rich context and ensures access to previous versions
  • Renders IEC-based languages, such as Ladder Logic (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), and more in a browser or desktop app
  • Visually highlights differences between versions
  • Provides advanced code review with in-line commenting on PLC files
  • Enables the work of multiple engineers to be merged effectively
With proven version control, powerful collaboration, and accelerated code review, Copia's Git-Based Source Control grants you the full power of Git integrated natively with controls code.


DeviceLink can automatically back up your controls devices and detect program changes on the factory floor.
  • Backup support for multiple vendors and device types
  • Schedules and executes backups of PLC and robotic code directly from the devices
  • Automatically detects and notifies the team of code changes
  • Visually compares running machine state to the expected code
  • Enables backups to be added to the project history as a version-of-record
When paired with Copia's source control solution, DeviceLink offers best-in-class data protection, change detection and notification, and improved visibility.
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