Below are some of the more common errors customers ask about. Check here to troubleshoot errors you may be experiencing. Still need help? Submit a bug report through either the chat bot or "report a bug" link in the lower right corner of the app.

Why is the method I used to make a change interpreted incorrectly?

Copia uses different algorithms to automatically detect and interpret changes to code. Copia only has the before and after, and no access to each step as it was performed. As a result, the method (added, removed, etc.) displayed to indicate the change may be different than the actual steps that were performed. For example, renaming contact A to B may be interpreted as deleting contact A and adding contact B. In the end, you will know that a change has occurred, in that location, and will have the accurate before and after. The method is a "best guess" given the information provided.

I can’t access a specific repository.

Check the teams section. If your name is associated with a specific team, you can select the team name to confirm whether that team has access to all repositories or limited repositories. If the team you are on has limited repository access, you will need to reach out to an account owner to allow your team access as needed to other repositories.

Login Errors

If your company requires use of a personal access token and this has caused Copia to incorrectly interface with repositories stored elsewhere, follow the steps below:
  1. 1.
    Confirm the account you're trying to connect too has a personal access token set up to allow external access.
  2. 2.
    At the login screen for the Copia desktop app, use your normal username with the personal access token used as the password.

Merge Error

The merge tool attempts to convert the L5X file merge result back to an ACD file.
This most often fails because:
  • Copia's conversion server is missing AOP / EDS files used in the project
  • The project is using an older version of Studio 5000 (currently v28 - v33 are supported)
  • There is a bug in Copia's merge logic
When the automated merge conversion fails, these are the manual resolutions we recommend:
  • Press Download L5X button (to the right)
  • Open the file in Studio 5000 to convert to ACD
  • If it works: commit the resulting ACD to the master branch and close the PR
  • Take a screenshot of the Studio 5000 error panel and submit a bug report so that we can work on a resolution to prevent future errors.

Author Identity Unknown

This happens when we don't have a name and email to use as a signature on a commit. This can be set in the git section of your options, like so.
Once the values are set (in this case, [email protected] and Ada Lovelace) we are good to go!
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