Cloning a Repository

What is "Cloning"?

Cloning a repository allows you to create a copy of your Copia of a repository on your local file system. Cloning a repository will not only copy the most up to date version of your files to your local machine, but also the history of changes to those files.

Cloning a Repository from the Copia Web app

This assumes you have the desktop app installed on your computer.
You can open a repository in the desktop app simply by pressing Create Clone and then Open in Desktop App from any repository page on the Copia web app.
This will open the Copia Desktop App. You may get prompted you to enter your credentials, if you have not recently logged-in. These are the same credentials you used when registering an account.
If you have already cloned the repository, the desktop app will simply land you in that repository. Otherwise, you will be presented with a pre-populated dialog, allowing you to change the default "Local path" if desired. Make any necessary updates and then press the Clone button.
You should now see the "getting-started" repository in the upper left-hand corner drop down.

Cloning a Repository from the Copia Desktop app

There are a few options to start the process of cloning a repository using the Copia desktop app.
This assumes you already have an existing repository on the Copia server
If you do not have any repositories currently, you will see you can start by pressing the "Clone a repository from the internet..." option in the desktop app.
Alternatively, you can access the cloning operation by either:
  • You can select File -> Clone repository...
  • If you have existing repositories, you can press the repository selector, and then press the Add button and choose Clone repository...
Make sure you have selected the tab at the top, and then you can select your repository from the list. There is also the ability to filter and refresh your repositories, if needed. After selection, make sure the Local path for the repository is correct, and press Clone.

Repo-to-repo Collaboration

Both the local and remote repositories are complete repositories. Git based collaboration is based on a repo-to-repo relationship. This allows you to push or pull commits directly between local and remote repositories.
When the clone is made, a remote connection is automatically created that points back to the original repository. This makes interacting with a central repository easy. The automatic connection is established by creating Git refs to the remote branch heads.