Siemens Step7 TIA Portal

Supported Configurations


: Part of a supported configuration

✕: Not supported and no plans to add support

🏗️: Support in-progress or planned

⚠️: Backup supported with limitations (e.g. for S7-300/400, cannot back up variable names/symbol tables)

TIA Portal VersionSupported?

TIA Portal v19

TIA Portal v18

TIA Portal v17

TIA Portal v16

TIA Portal v15.1

TIA Portal v15 and earlier

PLC Network ConfigurationSupported?

Profibus: access directly via slot

Profibus: access via named subnet

Profinet: access directly via slot

Profinet: access via named subnet

Profibus: access via Profinet Gateway PLC


Profinet: access behind L3 Network Switch


MPI: All Configurations


PLC ModelSupported?

S7-1500 Non-Safety

S7-1500F Safety

S7-1200 Non-Safety

S7-1200F Safety

S7-300 Non-Safety


S7-300F/400F Safety

S7-400 Non-Safety


Agent Requirements

Below are the Agent system requirements to configure a Copia Agent for the backup of Siemens Step7 TIA Portal projects:

  • You will need a licensed copy of Siemens Step7 TIA Portal (see supported versions) that is capable of backing up a Project from the Device(s). If there are many versions of a Project that will be managed by the Agent, each version should be installed. In addition, any additional vendor software must be licensed and installed on PC running the Copia Agent. (i.e. EDS files, Add-on's etc.). The Agent should be able to backup the project without error.

  • Siemens Step7 TIA Portal on the Agent needs to be configured with a Start View of "Project View". This is accessible in the Options -> Settings menu within Siemens Step7 TIA Portal.

  • The "logged in user" needs to be a part of the Siemens TIA Openness user group in Windows. See below for instructions:

  • The Agent must not be locked while working with Siemens Step7 TIA Portal, as it needs access to the software running on the desktop. As such, Copia recommends running the Agent in a VM environment, and restricting access via the host system.

  • The Agent should be tested to confirm that it can backup the PLC(s) using the vendor software.

New Project Configuration

To configure a new project for Siemens Step7 TIA Portal, you will need to already have a repository created with the Siemens Step7 TIA Portal .zap## file.

Click either of the Add a Project buttons in the Projects tab.

The Add a new project configuration dialog will appear which allows you to fully configure the project, devices and job for the project.

Any items highlighted with an asterisk are required.

This is a multi-step process with each section explained in detail. At any time, you can edit the prior section of this workflow.

Project can be edited after creation. Devices and Jobs can also be edited or created directly, using the Devices or Jobs tab. The steps for creation are similar to the steps provided below for those sections.

Define the Project

To get started, we will first select the Project Type from the list provided, and then select an Agent. If you have not already created an Agent, you can create and assign an Agent at a later time. See more about this in the Agents section of the documentation.

When complete, press Save and Continue.

You will now select the Project Path, which is the location (Repo/Branch) that the project is, or will be stored.

As seen, you can edit the previous steps at any time.

You will only be allowed to select the appropriate filetype or folder that is allowed for the Project Type. In some cases, a project is required to perform a backup, in other cases, the backup can create the initial backup into an empty project folder.

Once selected, press Save and Continue to proceed.

The project details allows you to update the Project name, and description if desired.

Define the Device(s)

The Device Setup section is for defining the device information (PLC, network, authentication, etc.) that is in your project. If you have pre-created devices, you can add existing devices, otherwise you can Add a Device as seen.

Fill in all required fields, and any fields that are applicable.

  • Enter a unique name in the Device Name field. A common choice may be "projectname_devicename", where devicename is the same as the next field.

  • In the Device Name in Project field, enter the name of the PLC exactly how it appears in the Siemens Step7 TIA Portal project tree, as seen below.

  • Enter a Description.

  • Safety Password ****Required to backup/compare any Safety PLC

  • PG/PC interface Type Copia currently supports Profinet and Profibus communications. Select the type that will be used.

  • PC Interface Enter the interface that is used to communicate with this PLC. The PC interface can be found in TIA portal shown here:

  • Subnet Name / Slot Number Copia supports communications to the device regardless of subnet configuration in TIA Portal. If the subnet is defined for the device, enter it into the Subnet Name / Slot Number field. If no subnet is defined, enter the Slot in the Subnet Name / Slot Number field.

    • A subnet example of PN/IE_1 is shown in the green outline below.

    • A slot (no subnet) example of 2 X1 is shown in the red outline below.

  • IP Address Enter the IP address / Address of the PLC, as found in the Address field seen above.

Press Save Device when complete.

At this point, if it is a multi-device (PLC) project, you should continue to add all of the devices. Once complete, you can proceed to Add a Job.

Define the Job(s)

Creating Jobs is similar for all vendor types, and is described in the Creating Jobs section. It is recommended to review that section while completing a job configuration, and press Save to save the job. You can create more than one job for a device if desired.

Submit the Configuration

Once complete, press Submit Project Setup to create the Project, Device(s) and Job(s).

Don't forget to enable/disable the Watch button, based on your preferences for project Notifications.

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