Creating your account

Register an account

Sign up for Copia on our sign-up page. Make sure to store your username and password, as you'll need these for later steps.

Invite Team Members

If you would like to add your colleagues to Copia right away, see the sections on orgs and teams.

Tutorial Repository

When you create an account with Copia we automatically create a tutorial repository that you can use to work through this tutorial. A repository is a collection of files managed by Git that can be copied to multiple machines. You'll always be able to find this repository at{org-name}/tutorial where {org-name} is the one you selected when creating the organization. You can also access it from your dashboard.
If you've been added to a repository by someone you work with, you can also use that repository instead for the rest of the guide.

Download Desktop App

We highly recommend that engineers leverage the Copia Desktop App. It allows you to store and push changes without ever opening the website. The Desktop app is available here.

Open Repository

Once the Desktop app is installed, you can open a repository in the desktop app simply by pressing Create Clone and then Open in Desktop App from your tutorial repository.
This will open the Copia Desktop App and prompt you to select a local path that you'd like to download the tutorial repository to.
You will then be prompted for your Copia username and password.
You should see the tutorial repository in the upper left-hand corner drop down.