Proficiency in 10 minutes

Git is a very complete source control management system that people have been working on for over 15 years. It supports the spectrum from individual developers to very large engineering teams.
Fortunately, like many complex engineering systems, it's easy to get going with Git. The goal of our Getting Started Guide is to familiarize you with and allow you to be able to perform basic Git workflows. In other words, proficiency in less than 10 minutes.
We assume for this section that you've never heard of Git or know very little about Git. If you're a more advanced user, we still recommend the Getting Started Guide to familiarize yourself with our toolchain.


Browser Support

Copia is formally supported on Chrome, but the current version of the following browsers should also work:
  • Edge
  • Firefox
Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

OS Support

The following operating systems are supported for the Copia Desktop app:
  • Windows 10 64-bit