Initial Setup


An onsite installation will be performed when you initially configure the system. Since software will need to be installed on the Agent, customers should plan on having adequate permissions ahead of time. Copia also recommends that you keep the following in mind:
  • The Agent will be provided as a self-installing Windows executable of about 75 MB in size.
  • The Agent will run in the system tray

Customer Preparation

The customer should be familiar with configuring repositories and project data with Copia's Git-Based Source Control
Below is a list of what is required in a repository (by device type) prior to configuring DeviceLink:
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 A folder (this can be created during project creation), which can either be empty or contain a Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 PLC Project (.plcproj)
  • CODESYS v3 A CODESYS .project file
  • Copia FTP A folder for the project data (this can be created during project creation)
  • Copia Scripting A folder for the project data (this can be created during project creation)
  • FANUC Robots A folder, typically named the same as the robot/controller (this can be created during project creation)
  • Rockwell Studio 5000 Logix Designer A Rockwell Logix Designer .acd file
  • Siemens Step7 TIA Portal A Siemens Step7 TIA Portal .zap## file
In addition to the above, the following items should be verified to be complete:
  • The Copia Agent must be installed on a PC that is already able to connect to the target location/device.
  • The PC that the Copia Agent is installed on must be able to communicate with the Copia server.
  • Any required vendor software must be licensed and installed on the Copia Agent.
  • To avoid conflicts, users should not be using the PC that the Copia Agent is running on when the Agent is busy.
In addition to these requirements, users should test connectivity to the Device using the vendor software or planned communication method (ex., Beckhoff Routes, Rockwell RSLinx, FTP, etc.) prior to configuring the system.

Software & Testing

It is important to verify the network connectivity from the Copia Agent PC to the Device prior to configuring DeviceLink. The end user must be able to perform a backup of a Device from the PC running the Copia Agent using the required software (or communication method).