Managing History


A particularly important benefit of Git is that it provides a meaningful history of file changes. With Copia, you can access your historical commits and even perform compares between commits.
This section outlines these operations for both the Desktop App and Web App.

Managing History (Copia Desktop App)

Comparing between Commits in the Same Branch

To display the difference between two non-sequential commits on a given branch, select the History tab and activate the Compare Commits feature.
Select the two commits you wish to compare by checking them. Once two commits have been chosen, a comparison is performed from the oldest to the most recent commit.

Comparing between Commits in Separate Branches

If your repository has more than one branch, you can also perform a compare between commits in different branches.
First, choose the branch by clicking the Select branch to compare field.
After making a branch selection, you can activate the Compare Commits toggle,
You can now select a commit from the Ahead and Behind sections to compare commits that are different between the two branches.
The ability to compare commits within the same branch and across separate branches is currently only possible in the Desktop App.

Managing History (Copia Web App)

Retrieving a Previous Version

You can manage your commit history to retrieve a previous version of a file. Click on the commit that you care about.
You should now see the changes in that commit. Click on the View File button.
Click the Download button to review the full contents of the file.