Copia supports all files for source control and change tracking. In addition, the following Beckhoff software/versions, provide advanced functions for automation:

Beckhoff TwinCAT 3


Copia supports Beckhoff TwinCAT 3, and it is easy to get started! Just store your project files into the Copia repository, and that is all! When you open the Copia desktop app, you will be able to see the project files, and by clicking on them, see the structure and data within those files. An example is given below:
Copia continues to add graphical support for additional TwinCAT 3 file and data types, for more detail, see the Graphical Display and Differences section below.

Graphical Display and Differences

Copia provides graphical rendering of Ladder Logic, and clear rendering of Structured Text programs for Beckhoff TwinCAT 3. In addition, for other project files tree-based navigation, text or tabular data is provided for easy access and understanding of changes within the project. Copia will continue to add graphical support and improved formatting for additional TwinCAT 3 file and data types.
As seen above, the following types are supported in graphical or enhanced output at this time:
  • Ladder (LAD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
In addition to the above, Copia includes support for the following filetypes, which may include hierarchical navigation, text or tabular based details:
  • .tsProj
    • TwinCAT project file
  • .plcProj
    • TwinCAT PLC project file
  • .tspProj
    • Standalone TwinCAT PLC Project file
  • .tcTTO
    • PLC task object
  • .tcDUT
    • PLC data type
  • .tcIO
    • PLC Object
  • .tcPOU
    • PLC program organizational unit (POU)
  • .tcGVL
    • PLC global variable list
  • .splcProj
    • TwinCAT Safety project file
Below is an example of a file which provides navigation, and both tabular and text (XML) view of the project data.
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