Copia supports the following CODESYS software/versions, and advanced functions:

CODESYS v3.5 SP 14-18


Copia supports rendering either .project or .export files.
Since .project files are the standard working file, it is the recommended format for storage in Copia. There are no special instructions, just place the CODESYS .project file in your repo and perform the Commit and Push operations, to store it on the Copia system!

Export files

Alternatively, .export files can be generated and stored using CODESYS by selecting Project > Export
You can export a subset of your project, but it is recommended to export all by selecting everything on each tab, as seen below. Press OK to continue.
Save your exported project file (.export) to the repository folder is all you need to do prior to following the Commit and Push operations, to store it on the Copia system.

Graphical Display and Differences

When the exported project file is selected in the web or desktop app, Copia will display the project tree structure, in a similar manner to the CODESYS IDE, for easy navigation and to quickly browse or identify differences. The following types are supported in graphical or enhanced output at this time:
  • Ladder (LAD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Tasks
  • UDT
  • Global Variable List
In addition to the above, Copia includes:
  • PLC Device
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Application
  • Communication Manager
  • Data Sources Manager
  • DUT
  • Global Variable List (tasklocal)
  • Interface
  • Network Variable List (Receiver)
  • Network Variable List (Sender)
  • Persistent Variables
  • POU's to include:
    • Action
    • Method
    • Property
    • Transition
  • Recipe Manager
  • Task Configuration
    • Task
  • Trace
  • Trend Recording Manager
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