We live in a world that increasingly thrives on digital collaboration. Writing code is no different. Whether that code is controls code or C++, we believe that Git provides powerful best practices that can power entire teams and even organizations. This section is focused on how to unlock some of that potential.
We start with how to add collaborators to a repository. From there, we delve into the concept of branching and merging. This sets us up to understand code review. Finally, we talk about orgs and teams and then get you going with some advanced reading material to continue your Git learning curve.

An Example Workflow

This is a 5-minute video we put together that shows what an advanced workflow that combines Git + Copia to enable code review and collaboration might look like.
After finishing this section, you should be able to set up a similar workflow for you and your team.


We assume you have complete comfort with the concepts introduced in "Getting Started" and "Basic." Concepts like making a repo, cloning it, pulling changes, making commits, and pushing changes should be second nature to you. You shouldn't have any issue looking up a commit history or reverting your code. For people with a very deep familiarity with Git or who already have a hosted solution, we also have a section on how to migrate your existing repositories to Copia.
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